Refund Policy and Account Closure/Deletion

Money-back Guarantee

We offer a 30-days money back guarantee to all our first-time or newly subscribed users only provided that they have invoked a written refund request as described below before the end of the 30th day of their subscription read the exclusion clause below. All refunds will be processed within 5 business days from the confirmation date.

Additionally, a valid cryptocurrency address has to be provided in case of cryptocurrency payments as it cannot be reversed.

Note: A reason for refund/feedback/suggestion has to be provided, this information will be used for improvement of our service.

Refund Request

You can initiate a refund request from your subscribed Letter email address by sending an email to A confirmation of refund will be sent to your alternate email address or any other alternative communication method upon success.

Note: You might be asked to reply additional follow up questions before processing a refund request.

Exclusion clause

Lifetime accounts, promotional or heavily discounted accounts obtained by users during Blackfriday, Christmas/New Year, and other festival offers are excluded from our above-said money-back guarantee. No refund will be provided upon receipt of refund request for aforesaid categories of user accounts.

Account closure/deletion request by the User

Any user can request closure/deletion of their account without refund request by simply sending a written request to do so at

Account closure does not automatically create a right to ask for refund or partial refund of the subscription fee or remainder of it. You do not qualify for a refund of remaining period of service upon account’s closure. You are requested to apply for a refund request, if applicable.

When an account closure/deletion request is received by Letter, we confirm the request with an email response. Once confirmed, all user account data, including all e-mails and other complimentary subscriptions, is immediately deleted permanently. While the data still rests encrypted in previous backups as said in privacy policy, it will be overwritten and expunged in the next backup session/routine. No user has any right to obtain or gain access to data stored in this temporary backup after sending account closure/deletion request.